Working papers:

1. Words Matter: Gender, Jobs and Applicant Behavior, with Sugat Chaturvedi and Kanika Mahajan. UoB Economics working paper. IZA discussion paper.

2. Estimating endogenous effects on ordinal outcomes, with Andrew Chesher and Adam Rosen. CeMMAP working paper CWP66/19. Revise & Resubmit at the Review of Economics and Statistics.

Publications and forthcoming papers:

1. Siddique, Z. Media reported violence and female labor supply. Forthcoming in Economic Development and Cultural Change. UoB Economics working paper. An earlier version of this paper appears as “Violence and female labor supply” (IZA DP version). Media: VoxDev, UoB School of Economics blog, Ideas for India.

2. Bhalotra, S.U. Kambhampati, S. Rawlings & Z. Siddique. 2021. Intimate Partner Violence: The influence of job opportunities for men and women. The World Bank Economic Review, 35(2): 461-479. An earlier version of this paper appears as “Intimate Partner Violence and the Business Cycle” (IZA DP version).

3. Asadullah, N., E. De Cao, F. Z. Khatun & Z. Siddique. 2021. Measuring gender attitudes using list experiments. Journal of Population Economics, 34: 367-400. IZA DP version. Media: LSE blog, GlobalDev (12)

4. Rawlings, S. & Z. Siddique. 2020. Domestic Violence and Child Mortality in the Developing World. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 82(4): 723-750. Earlier versions of this paper appear as “Domestic Violence and Child Mortality” (IZA DP 11899) and “Domestic Abuse and Child Health” (IZA DP 8566). Media: UoB School of Economics blog, News Deeply.

5. Jaeger, D. & Z. Siddique. 2018.  Are Drone Strikes Effective in Afghanistan and Pakistan. CESifo Economic Studies, 64(4): 667-697. Earlier IZA DP version.
Media: Foreign Policy.

6. Biavaschi, C., C. Giulietti & Z. Siddique. 2017. The Economic Payoff of Name Americanization. Journal of Labor Economics, 35 (4): 1089-1116. Earlier IZA DP version.
Media:  Freakonomics blog, Chris Blattman, The Economist (12), Slate and Financial Times (March 31, 2014).

7. Siddique, Z. 2014. Randomized control trials in an imperfect world. IZA World of Labor.

8. Siddique, Z. 2013. Partially Identified Treatment Effects Under Imperfect Compliance: The Case of Domestic ViolenceJournal of the American Statistical Association, Volume 108, Issue 502, pg 504-513.

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11. Siddique, Z. 2011. Evidence on Caste Based DiscriminationLabour Economics, 18(S1): S146-S159.

Older Working papers:

1. Racial and Ethnic Inequality in Employer Provided Fringe Benefits, with Wallace Mok. IZA DP version.

2. Racial Differences in Fringe Benefits and Compensation, with Wallace Mok. IZA DP version: This is an early version of our work on racial inequality in the US which is superseded by `Racial and Ethnic Inequality in Employer Provided Fringe Benefits.’